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【論文紹介】Regularising Factorised Models for Venue Recommendation using Friends and their Comments

2017/06/05   -CIKM, 論文紹介
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Manotumruksa, Jarana and Macdonald, Craig and Ounis, Iadh CIKM 2016 Link 概要 グラスゴー大学のIadh Ounisのグループの …

Mobile App Retrieval for Social Media Users via Inference of Implicit Intent in Social Media Text

2016/10/24   -CIKM, 論文紹介

Park, Dae Hoon and Fang, Yi and Liu, Mengwen and Zhai, ChengXiang In Proc. of CIKM 2016 概要 ツイートに含まれる …

Topic-Driven Reader Comments Summarization

2016/10/24   -CIKM, 論文紹介

Ma, Zongyang and Sun, Aixin and Yuan, Quan and Cong, Gao In Proc. of CIKM 2012 概要 ニュース記事のコメントをトピックごと …

Modeling Paying Behavior in Game Social Networks

2016/08/06   -CIKM, 論文紹介

Fang, Zhanpeng and Zhou, Xinyu and Tang, Jie and Shao, Wei and Fong, A.C.M. and Sun, Longjun and Din …

Where you Instagram?: Associating Your Instagram Photos with Points of Interest

2016/07/30   -CIKM, 論文紹介

Li, Xutao and Pham, Tuan-Anh Nguyen and Cong, Gao and Yuan, Quan and Li, Xiao-Li and Krishnaswamy, S …