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【論文紹介】What Makes a Link Successful on Wikipedia?

2017/03/19   -WWW, 論文紹介

Dimitrov, Dimitar and Singer, Philipp and Lemmerich, Florian and Strohmaier, Markus WWW 2017 ACM, PD …

【論文紹介】Cats and Captions vs. User Characteristics and the Clock: A Time-Controlled Analysis of Multimodal Content

2017/03/19   -WWW, 論文紹介

Hessel, Jack and Lee, Lillian and Mimno David In Proc. of WWW 2017 概要 Redditと呼ばれるソーシャルニュースサイトに投稿された画 …

Statistical Models of Music-listening Sessions in Social Media

2016/11/03   -WWW, 論文紹介

Zheleva, Elena and Guiver, John and Mendes Rodrigues, Eduarda and Milić-Frayling, Nataša In Proc. of …

Semantic Annotation of Mobility Data using Social Media

2016/08/14   -WWW, 論文紹介

Wu, Fei and Li, Zhenhui and Lee, Wang-Chien and Wang, Hongjian and Huang, Zhuojie In Proc. of WWW 20 …

Answering relationship queries on the web

2015/02/27   -WWW, 論文紹介

Luo, Gang Tang, Chunqiang Tian, Ying-li In Proc. of WWW 2007 http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=12426 …